We’re always looking for good people with commitment, drive, personality and a strong work ethic. A sense of humor is also welcome!

We now offer some of the best pay rates in the industry, good per diem and scheduled time off on larger projects. Training and all PPE supplied (IRATA training after six months service with the company and subject to a positive work appraisal).


In all cases, the successful applicant will be able to check all of the following –

  • A strong and innate culture of safety, both for yourself and your work colleagues
  • Able to take responsibility for yourself and be well organized
  • A strong work ethic
  • Committed to working in a team, and supporting the combined interests of that team
  • Willing to learn, willing to travel
  • Hold a clean US drivers’ license
  • Commit to a drugs free work environment and sign-up to our screening policy
  • Have a good level of fitness
  • Be able to communicate (written and spoken) in English

is an equal opportunities (in all respects) employer.

If you think you may have an interest in working for ALTURA™ in this exciting, safe industry, and you can check all of the above, please contact
us at info@alturawind.com

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