Tower & Blade Cleaning

Internal & External

There’s probably no company that’s cleaned as many towers – internal and external – and blades as ALTURA. It now runs into many, many thousands; from the south of Texas to Altona in the NE, Virginia and many sites around the Columbia River running down to towers in California.

ALTURA are one of the few companies to have platform and rope access capabilities which allows us immense flexibility in providing cost effective solutions to your tower and blade cleaning requirements.

We continue to use environmental – and tower – friendly cleaning products, and with even moderately contaminated towers usually cleaned in a day, loss of generation and site disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

All our IRATA International certified techs – the Gold Standard in Rope Access – have undergone third-party training, and a further, rigorous one-day assessment by an external examiner – your absolute guarantee of skill and safety in rope access.

Our cradle (suspended access) crews undergo extensive in-house training and on-going, in-field assessments in safe use and rescue/evacuation procedures.

Site friendly, experienced teams and paperwork already in place prior to site arrival, means easy, quick inductions and a longer working window for our crews.

Fire Tower Refurbishment

ALTURA have, over the years, specialized in the cleaning and refurbishment of towers that have suffered a fire. Capabilities include cleaning and re-coating (painting) both internal and external, replacement of ladders, platforms and cable runs and other parts.

References, specific to this work, always available on request.

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