have been main dealers for PETZL™ for over ten years,and are proud of our association with this innovative, industry-leading design and safety manufacturing company.

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PETZL™ are renowned worldwide for their innovative approach and work-based solutions to the day-to-day issues surrounding working at height. Now, with the launch of the Petzl™ Volt™ full body harness, designed specifically for the wind technician, workers in this demanding industry can now have equipment that is lighter – typically half the weight of standard issued equipment – more resilient and therefore longer lasting and easier to wear than ever before.

For a FREE* trial of the Petzl™ Volt™ full body harness, together with a set of Petzl  ABSORBICA-Y 150 MGO lanyards, call Joshua Hallam on 325 232 4271 or email at joshua@alturawind.com

* Terms & Conditions apply. Offer limited to one set per site for a limited trial period of 30 days. Recipient responsible for all shipping charges. Items supplied under this trial offer must be supported with a Purchase Order for the items described.

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