Oil spill clean-up

Ground remediation

A super efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective means of cleaning-up even the worst oil spills

Including pooled and standing oil – without the need for costly, site disruptive haul-outs. Third-party, lab certified results under Chain of Evidence proves compliance and due diligence. 48 hour call-out service available – nationally!

For over 12 years, ALTURA™ has been using microbial cleaning products to clean wind towers and plant. This incredibly environmentally friendly means of cleaning hydrocarbon contaminates on ground, concrete and other surfaces, proved itself through extensive field trials with Next Era. A recent application reduced heavy ground contamination by 97.69% (independent lab figures) over a 4 week period without the need to haul-out soil and without the attendant disruption to site. This result is typical of treatments applied by our clean-up team.

For a quote, and swift attendance, please email Joshua Hallam with approximate contaminated area dimensions and photographs.

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