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Delivering safe, cost effective services at height to the wind industry for almost 20 years.

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has been supplying height related services to the Wind industry in the US, Europe, China, India, Turkey and more for almost 20 years.

Our commitment to safety, training and quality of work has ensured our service capabilities continue to grow – year on year. We continue to offer a national service here in the US, with teams covering all areas of the country with site attendance sometimes within hours.

Our trained and certified Rope Access Technicians ensure a standard of safety and work practice unsurpassed in any other area of working at height.

As a trusted partner to most of the major manufacturers and wind farm operators in the US, there are few companies better placed to understand the specific needs and urgencies at site level, and fewer still that can meet those needs so effectively.

Find out why so many companies use ALTURA for their specialized height safety needs – time and time again.



IRISNDT acquires ALTURA Wind Services of Sweetwater, TX

HOUSTON, June 29, 2021 – IRISNDT is pleased to announce the acquisition of Altura Wind Services LLC. Altura Wind Services has served the wind power market nationwide since 2001, offering a wide array of inspection, cleaning, and maintenance services to a diverse base of renewable and energy customers. Read More

Papertrail and ALTURA

The perennial problem of equipment tracking is now resolved! With thousands of pieces of equipment both in the shop and out on site, equipment tracking and inspection has always been a headache (for all companies!). We’ve now partnered with Papertrail to enable us to track each and every piece of equipment – from an individual carabiner to thousands of feet of rope; from vehicles to even the certification of the guys in the field – all now instantly traceable and instantly retrievable from anywhere. Great news for us, and peace of mind for our customers’ managers and safety professionals.

LONDON Nov 2016

Blade Repair training courses for two employees – Two of our more senior field techs have been in London (Nov 2016) completing on-going blade repair training with the European ‘Renewables Training Network’, a training provider of this new, UK standard in blade repairs and inspection. Looking at the guy’s Facebook pages (and no doubt, their expenses), they seemed to make best use of their R&R too!